My first experience with meditation was over ten years ago and I wasn’t anywhere near ready for it.  My mind was so busy that I couldn’t slow it down or maybe I didn’t really want to?  I was influenced by the things around me that they took a lead of importance for me at the time.  So I left it alone.  I never bothered with it again until last year.  And wow!  What a difference.  I mean things have changed in my life, of course.  For one, my kids are all grown up.  I don’t have to run after them to make sure they are not going to hurt themselves, or that they are bickering with one another so yes, it’s changed.  But I’ve also done a lot of growing, mentally and spiritually since that first time.  I’ve read titles from Sharma, Chopra, Dyer, and Hay.  And I’ve watched countless videos and documentaries that teach about the human body, the science of spirit, our world, of other cultures, and the dynamics of life basically.  So I did a lot of learning.  And when I decided that I’d try it again, I took a video from Deepak Chopra, a voice I was used of hearing and I meditated using his guidance.  It wasn’t long before I no longer required his voice to help me into a meditative state.  I was thrilled.  I was happy that I never gave up the idea that I could meditate.  I learned that meditation is about learning to breathe and how important breath is.  I learned that monitoring my own breath could lead into a state of meditation.  I was no longer trying to see “images” in my mind but I was just allowing my mind’s eye (as they say) to just be.  I let go.  My body could now relax.  The feeling is blissful.  It’s light.  And as I go deeper, the state of “no breath” as Deepak calls it, is where I am.  It’s not that you are not breathing, it’s just that your body isn’t bound to “breath.”  You are spirit.  You are free.  And many things have changed because of the meditation that I’ve incorporated into my life.  The things such as; worrying, stress, diet, habits, and anxiety have diminished tremendously.  I love it.  This year I gave up coffee and it’s been two months!  I’m not saying that I was a big coffee drinker but I am saying that I was a daily coffee drinker.  I’d have three to four cups a day.  I loved coffee, I love it’s taste and it’s aroma- believe me.  And I still get the odd time where the aroma makes me wish I had a cup but my resistance to it is much stronger.  So that’s just an example.  I’ve really learned a lot with meditation and the biggest thing I’ve gained is trust within myself that I can do anything I set my mind to.  I’ve changed how I see myself because the other thing I’ve learned is that meditation can teach us to look at ourselves in a new way.  A healthier way.  Now I know that my process took the steps it took in order for me to be a meditator.  Everything happens for a reason at the exact time it needs to.  And that is a beautiful thing.  IMG_0755