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Most people will choose not to stand out because it ostracizes them from everyone else.  It creates a line that others aren’t willing to cross.  Society has taught us not to challenge what is rule, what is order, and what commands us.  It is a system of control.  It’s true that standing out does often include being alone, but I find that it’s better than living a lie to my soul.  My soul, after all, is important.  There is no amount of listening to the crowd that can correct the true “voice” within me.  Listening to the crowd will not get me to heaven or the afterlife in which resides inside of what I believe it is.  It is my voice, my choices, my beliefs, and my actions that determines where I end up, in life and in death.  Of course, some of those voices are people we love and care for, but overall it is our journey.  The steps we take forward are our own, not our cousin or mother’s but ours.  There is a voice inside of you that knows what it wants, but we shut it out by asking other people for their opinions and we sometimes, take up those opinions because we don’t want to listen within.  It is scary.  I’ll be alone.  No one will like me.  I’ll lose my friends.  These are the thoughts that enter our minds.  And from personal experience, it is lonely but I can’t stress enough how much happier I am because of it.  And it sometimes sad to watch others struggle through their lives when you know there is an easier way, especially family.  But everyone of them is on a journey and if they choose to ask for help, I’m there.  I don’t interfere with their journey because I would be no better than the governments that have us under rule.  Instead, I continue to improve myself by using meditation, crystals, herbs, and healthy eating and living.  I trust the process.  I am responsible for this body, this mind, and this spirit.  The better job I do at it, the easier it will be for me to help another, if it comes to that.