It’s 2013!  We have moved into a new time once again.  A time where some consider it a fresh start on something different.  A time where we let go of old ways or habits.  Or we try!  Some of us successful, some not in our endeavours.  But it’s all okay.  The important thing is that we keep trying.  I believe every day that we are alive is a day we can start something new or we can change something in our lives. I don’t believe we have to wait but it’s not to say that I don’t respect those who do, I do.  It’s all a preference, right?  It’s comfort.  And everyone’s comfort is important.

So here I go on my journey into 2013 with a hope for new friendships, new understanding, and growth like a seed in spring.  I’ve always been partial to the “new.”  I can’t stay attached to the old too long because it loses its freshness.  I love the journey into something new because there within it’s mystery is something shapeable.  We are all creators of something in our world.  So this year, I am trying something new and it’s different.  I’ve decided that I will go vegetarian.  It is something that I’ve been testing out for about six weeks already and I like it.  I made the decision back in November when I began discovering how I could do it.  Then I got into the food portion of it, tasted it and realized how I could be successful.  I started a smoothie trend at the end of 2011 and it just grew from there.

The way I’ve learn to look at life, and particularly this time of year, is that instead of “giving” up something I’d incorporate new things into my life.  Because I believe that when we incorporate new healthier things into our life, the old things/habits fall away from us regardless.  And we stop noticing them there.  We stop feeling we need them because the new has replaced them in our life.  But like anything, it’s a process.  But if you embrace change, it’s not something you’ll have trouble with.  So in case you are considering of trying something like this, I wish you much success.  Let 2013 be a year of change for everyone. happy-new-year-2013-Wallpapers-1024x768-27