It’s here!  The October full moon, also called the Hunter’s Moon.  But as astrology forecasts, during this moon is a time to reconsider our relationships in life.  Every relationship we have with people, animals, foods, habits, physical activities, and/or behaviors.  It’s time to sit down and really examine if these things are helping us?  Are they serving a purpose in our life that excels us?  If not, it is time to consider letting it go.  And when we let things go, it obvious for us to grieve that loss because that comfort of having it there is gone and we need to replace it with something else.  And that’s okay.  Here is where our imagination comes into play where we can decide what new things can come into our life that is healthier.  Health is dire.  I believe that when we change how we look at our health, we change our whole life, inside and out.  And our health means our physical, psychological and our spiritual health.   I have come to believe strongly that how we think creates our experiences we have in life.  So it’s important to think healthy thoughts every day.

I’ll be honest at one point I had a crappy attitude about my life and I kept wondering why nothing was ever going my way?  I didn’t believe in a whole lot and the things I did believe in weren’t serving me.  I felt like I was spinning my wheels.  Until one day I decided that enough was enough.  And what I did was pick up a book and started reading and then I found another book and read that.  I kept on reading until I felt that I understood the dialogue that I was learning.  As I read, I applied what I was learning and things began to change.  Soon I began to feel comfortable with my new way of looking at life and I felt good.  And everything I used to do (some were totally unhealthy) didn’t appeal to me, it was like they just “fell” away from my mind and I didn’t feel their need anymore.  One of the things was smoking.  I smoked for twenty five years (yes I started young) and then one day nearly six years ago, I said I’d smoke my last few cigarettes and then stop.  I’m not saying it was easy.  It was tough at times.  The cravings came, but you know what?  They left too.  I don’t mean to go all biblical on you but you’ve heard the term “this too shall pass.”  It does, just like everything else.  So I learned to apply this saying to all my discomforts in life, that they’ll pass.  In many ways, time is a luxury that we can afford when it comes to health.  Because when you really think of it, it’s nobody’s job but our own to take care of our own self.  We have to learn to see the value in our self and make changes to serve that value.  And everything that follows is the grand design of your higher self.

So letting go doesn’t always have to be painful.  All pain or discomforts fades, if that wasn’t a true fact, when we’d get an injury like a sprained ankle, it would never heal.  But it does.  Life is like that.  So take a look around, take a look at your life and see what is there that doesn’t need to be there anymore.  Or you can incorporate something new into your life and apply it regularly and maybe somewhere down the road you’ll notice old things that you don’t engage in anymore.  It happens.  We are changeable, adaptable and we can take new forms of thoughts all the time.  We are blessed that way, with a freedom.  We are not stuck, we’re not glued to certain things, people, places or habits.  And we can heal from everything, it just takes time.  It is a sacrifice but it’s a sacrifice that we can go into with our eyes open and know that when we come out the other side, we’ll be that much better.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog today, thank you.