Flaws, my beautiful flaws.

I have plenty because nobody’s perfect

Life can be like drawing  straws

You’ll never know what you’ll get

But there’s always something that one will find

An imperfection that was never there

It’s totally cruel and so unkind

Does anyone notice, does anyone care?

What once was beautiful and full of dreams

Has been torn, tattered and put away

No more nightmares, no more screams

Left with only a smile for display

I will miss my beautiful flaws

For they were perfect in every sense

But they do not serve you or your cause

So I leave them on my side of the fence

And when I get lonely as I know I will

I will return to what is perfect and what is mine

No longer apart, no longer lonely

It is here where I’ll always find

My home, my heart, my one and only.

©V A Pemmican