I love learning. I always have.  So lately I have researching about people whose views on life are different and who do things differently.  Then I thought I’d create a blog on people who I found interesting.  So here is that list.  I guess you might say I am weird, maybe a little quirky.  But these people are the likes such as Darryl Anka, Gregg Braden, and Dolores Cannon.  They are people who are big on 2012 and a new shift.  I’ve learned many things that coincide with my own beliefs that aren’t known to a lot of people.  But besides that, another person that I find interesting is Gordon Ramsey, who is a world famous chef.  Next to him, is Simon Cowell, a music producer mogul.  In music, I think Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine is a very interesting lady who I’d love to see in person one day.  Another performer is, Grace Potter who performs with the Nocturnals and they are Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  Johnny Depp has always been on my list of interesting people to meet one day because he is different all together.  From the roles he chooses to the style he wears his hair and clothes.

But let’s talk about these people and what I find fascinating about them.  Darryl Anka, if you don’t know, is a channeller.  And he channels an ET named Bashar.  Now if you do not find alien topics your thing, you wouldn’t be interested.  But if you found that you had questions to life about yourself, your surroundings and your past or your future you might consider listening to Bashar.  There are many videos on Youtube that you find him on and you can also visit Bashar.org.  One of the things I struggled with in the past was focus and by listening to Bashar on video, it’s helped me stay focused.  I listen to him about every few days and you may need to just to stay on track of what it is he is saying to you because we can get so wrapped up in life that we have difficulties.  So that’s what I do.  I discovered Bashar through a video that is called “Tuning In” and in the video was about six different channellers that channel different spirits.  And so that’s how that came about.  I like Bashar because of the truth he speaks, you can’t hear plain truth like that anywhere you go.  There isn’t anyone whose willing to bring up those subjects that people want to ask and he answers them all, so easily.  So that’s why I find him interesting.

Gregg Braden I discovered a few years ago through a video I watched online.  He is an author, and he also studied science.  His latest work goes into subjects regarding the language of the soul.  And his findings go hand in hand with what Native Americans have always believed for centuries, which is, we are all connected.  I watched the Divine Matrix, which is a three hour long video which was so worth my time and it made me cry in parts because the topics touched my heart on a deep level.  In the years that he is been working on these type of subjects, he has travelled to places to learn from others the matter of life and he’s done it so much justice.

Dolores Cannon is an author and she is also a hypnotherapist.  Through her work as a hypnotherapist she has written books of her findings, which is really interesting.  It is very different.  But then again, if you are looking for something to make sense and nothing in your life has given you any answers that felt right, you may find it elsewhere like through what Dolores says.  And you may not.  But if you’re still reading this blog, I believe that you are still reading for a reason.  Life does not happen by chance, it never has and it never will.  And if you’re still reading, you’re doing it because you want to know something, hear something, read something that fills you on the inside.  At least, that’s why I ever kept reading or watching something that I was learning from.  So take a look, have a listen.  You may find that either of these three people so far may have what you are looking for.  So, that’s what I have to say about these interesting people that I’ve discovered.

Now onto television and onto Gordon Ramsey.  I like food and I like cooking so naturally I like to watch shows on cooking, sometimes.  But more so this year than any other year and it all started with Chef Ramsey.  I know he’s a little rough and very raw.  But what I like about him is that he isn’t willing to compromise himself for people who do not raise their own standards in life.  I believe that he wants people to succeed, he wants them to excel and he pushes them to that limit.  I mean really, who does that?  In your life, or mine?  He’s like a pitbull that once he digs in, he doesn’t let go.  And sure, it may be rough, it may be brutally honest but I think that the people he mentors wouldn’t be there if they weren’t looking for that attention, that push.  I look at his shows from the view point on what he does for others, not how he treats them.  Because if I did, I wouldn’t watch the show.  I mean he’s not always crude or mean, he does have a soft side.

Simon Cowell, the man you love to hate.  Or some do, lol.  Of course, famous for American Idol and many other singing talent shows in the world.  I love Simon.  His style and his ear in music is very similar to mine.  Of course, I haven’t heard everything that he’s produced, so that remains.  And again, he is hard on contestants but he needs to be to give them a real dose of what the music industry is like.  It’s work.  It’s not all fun and games.  And the people he mentors, most of them are just starting out in life and haven’t even mastered that yet.  So, I think what he does for people is give his service to them by using his honesty.  Because really when you use dishonesty in life, it serves no one.  It never has and it never will.  Because if dishonesty is used, and we buy into it, the only person who benefits is the person who is telling the lie.  So in essense, Simon for one, would not put someone through who wouldn’t make it because it benefits no one.  It’s senseless.  When people work together, there’s always a give and take to an arrangement of any kind.  And I think that’s how we have to see life, and any pairing we get ourselves into.  So Simon is a person who I’ve learned from and essentially we can learn from so many sources in life, we just have to want to.  Then again, I’m weird, I don’t look at people for things they can or cannot do or nor do I put limits on others.  I’m an optimistic learner.  I see the greater good and the glass that is half full.

And music, for the ladies I’ve chosen is because it’s all about sound.  My ear loves that sound that comes from either Florence and the Machine and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  I believe music has to take you somewhere when you hear it and if an artist can do that, they’ve got it down.  There is also one more artist that I did not mention and that artist is named Daughter.  Her sound is like folk/indie and her voice is like magic.  She is one of those artists that can sing the alphabet and she could make it sound real good.  And I like that.

Johnny Depp, the ever interesting character of many tales.  He’s stepped into many shoes and roles over the years and he is open to weird.  He is fearless to weirdness.  He is such a humble man that upon being discovered he said that he wouldn’t opt for huge blockbuster roles that played on his looks.  He said that he wanted to be known for his acting, which is why he’s taken on the roles he has throughout his career.  And his acting is superb.  Johnny Depp isn’t about the glam and he has never compromised himself over the years, in my opinion.  And unique?  Each of his character are so different and unique that it’s unmistakeable acting.  He creates a persona in each of his films, which many actors do not.  That to me, is art in its truest form.  I think Johnny is smart for the roles he’s picked in his career.  Life is always unique, each day we live is unique.  To act the same way all the time is frankly, boring.  We are always given an opportunity to change, to create a new part of ourselves all the time.  Some of us take it, while others don’t.  And it’s always a choice.

So that is my list of the top people that I consider interesting.  And each one is there for my own views on life and what I can learn and have learned from them.  So thanks for reading.Johnny Depp