Shades of night

Do we ever stop to think of what we believe in? It’s a consuming thought.  If we stopped for one day a week to think of our beliefs, we could probably write a page or two of the things we believe.  Yet, one does not realize that these beliefs that they carry around shape our every day reality.  It literally creates our life and the situations we are in.  Whether those situations feel bad or whether it is good.  One walks around through life not realizing that they can change how their life is going by simply understanding what they believe in.  The beauty in life is that we can change our beliefs at anytime in our lives.  And when we change those beliefs, our life begins to change.  Wayne Dyer says this, “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at- change.”  Which means you no longer see what you are looking the same as you once did.  Those “things” can be about your home, marriage, economy etc.  You can even change your age old beliefs that you have been given by other people in your life, such as your parents.  Because most of what you believe was something that was handed to you by someone in your life, so it’s not yours to begin with.  We’ve just incorporated into our lives to manage ourselves.  So, initially we’ve created our own rules on how to govern ourselves in public.  Now, yes there are things we should keep and those things are the good stuff.  Which is love, compassion, care, respect, humility, truth, and anything that has served us in a positive way.  Anything else that which does not serve us any longer, we can get rid of.  Anything that makes us feel bad about life or our world is not something we should carry around from day to day.  Because the longer we carry those beliefs around, the more of the same situations we will create for ourselves.  If you can imagine something like this, say every belief you have (and you wrote each one down on paper) you threw into a large bag that you carried on your back.  And each belief weighed one pound.  And your paper says that you wrote down sixty beliefs (or more) it would mean that you carry an extra sixty pounds around with you every single day.  One gets weighed down by all the weight they carry around daily from years of built up beliefs that no longer serve them.  I have found through therapy, counselling, research, and traditional teachings that living for today is the only way to keep myself healthy- body, mind and spirit.  The now is all I can control in my space.  I have no control of yesterday or tomorrow.  I have no control over what is happening down the street or in my neighbors house or across the world.  But I can contribute by prayer and meditation.  When I learn to see and believe I am well, my world will be filled with well people.  It all starts with me. And it’s the same for you.  When we are well- body, mind, spirit then our world around us will reflect that.  But we have to start from within.  And how our minds developed with certain beliefs about life and our surroundings.  So, lighten the load and take out what you do not need.  There are many ways to learn how to start living holistically, such as reading from authors like Robin Sharma, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and Louise L. Hay.  You can watch videos such as the Secret, Conversations with God or The Peaceful Warrior.  If you’re into science and psychology  you can watch videos from Gregg Braden, Darryl Anka, and Dolores Cannon that show the world the world that there are many new ways to think about life and our own self.  All of these people named are people that I have read from or watched on video.  I want my world to be a beautiful world so this is the reason I share this blog with you today and I hope that you’ve enjoyed it.  Peace and blessings to you!