There is a documentary that I watched recently and it is called Thrive.  For myself, I feel like I have waited for so long to see something like this come about.  You may feel the same way.  It gives us a glimpse of what is really happening in our world on a global scale.  It’s a video that sort of gives you a wake up call.  If you are interested you can view it on Youtube or you can view it at and see it for yourself.  Set aside a few hours of free viewing time to complete the whole documentary.  There are a number of videos out there that correlate to this subject about revolutionary times in our world and how we are part of it.  We truly are part of it, if we choose to be.  There are literally thousands of people already on board this subject and this reality, so we are not alone.  And the good thing about it is, they welcome everyone to get on board this way of shifting the world to a better state of being.  I find it remarkable.  We no longer have to accept the way things are in our world, we can change it.  So if you have not heard of it yet, I invite you to take a look.  If there is part of you that is hoping for change in the world, I think you would enjoy watching this video.