I grew up knowing that there were keys to life and being happy.  As I got older and started digging for my own truth, and I found things, things like my culture.  At the base of our relationships with the world around us, we need to follow certain values.  We call them the “seven sacred teachings” and they are as old as time.  The first is love.  Then we continue with respect, humility, courage, truth, honesty, and wisdom.  And each one pays respect to another because sometimes we can use three or more of them in one day.  As one travels through life we come upon moments where they play a role in our lives.  This is our  “ah ha!” moment where the lesson is so huge that we never forget it.  This moment becomes a story.   So when we tell stories, as we often do, we use these moments to teach our young so that they can see and understand what we are teaching.  Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad, or even exciting and stories are how we’ve always taught our children.  We will always need to interact with people and these values can provide us a healthy way of doing that.  My favorite is respect and it’s one I use on a daily basis, hourly.  I always say that if you respect everyone around you, you shouldn’t have any problems during your day.  Now it’s not to say that someone will come by and just be in a bad mood and say something to you that is not nice, it might happen.  But you have nothing to do with that, if it does.  Instead, look to love and understand that this person is going through a rough time and use wisdom to help them.  Say something nice.  Wisdom teaches us that our life is a great tool and resource to use when times get tough.  We all crave to be treated right by others, we all instinctively know how that should feel.  When this comes to mind, the saying that I hear is, “do unto others as you would have done to you.”  It comes from the bible, as you know.  And I use its teachings as well in my life.  I believe in having many sources of strength to draw on, so I never put limits on myself and where I get valuable information from.  Humility has taught me that there is no great one way to life.  There are many.  As we know, life can really throw us around from week to week and there are no guarantees.  But how we approach each delicate situation is up to us.  It takes time, it takes patience and that is sometimes hard for some of us who want it “now!”  But, I have found that the rewards are beautiful.  Because on the inside of me is a feeling that is filled with the things I have searched for over half of my life.  I have my keys.  Thinking of it, it reminds me of the movie, “The Matrix” and the Key Man who they desperately needed to protect at all costs.  And we do need to do the same, to protect those valuable teachings that are the keys to life.  Without them we are lost.  So, these are my keys in life that I have found that work for me.  Thank you for reading.