gift-1177512-1279x1542The other day I was listening to Johnny Depp from Inside the Actor’s studio show (I love that show!) and he said something interesting.  He talked about the breath.  He said (something along this line) that people don’t realize how special it is and how much a gift it is to us.   Our breath of life is a present from the Creator.  It’s Christmas every day!  If we can learn to see it that way.  I learn to think of it as, “the present moment is all we have. Nothing else matters.”  Of course, in our busy lives, it’s hard to see it this way.  We are juggling work, home responsibilities, vehicle maintenance, job searches, health concerns, and whatever else you know exists in our daily thoughts.  But most of what we think of on a daily basis, is somewhat of a worry.  We are worried that it won’t get taken care of, we think we have to control the outcome of something.  It can literally drive us crazy.  Over time I’ve learned to look at events like so, if it was meant to be- it will be.  If it serves a purpose in my life then there is nothing that will stop it from being there.  And then I get back to now, the present.

It takes some time to get used of thinking this way but it’s a worthwhile journey.  I used to be an insatiable worry wart, so I know.  I worried about my home, my kids, my finances, about work, and even what people thought.  So obviously this caused lots of stress and stress lead to arguments and arguments lead to crying and crying lead to…so you see, we can go on and on.  But it had to stop.  So when I said “this is enough, I’ve had enough” that’s when life changed.  I realized that I was so used of trying to control what happened outside of me.  When in reality, I had nothing to do with it.  If what I was fighting for happened, it happened.  If it didn’t, it didn’t.  What I forgot about was me- right here, right now.  There is a quote from Neale Donald Walsch’s book “Conversations with God” series where it reads do everything, expect nothing.  It’s a concept that is tough to grasp and to try to incorporate into your life.  But it works.  When we have expectations in life, disappointments loom in the distance.  Because expectations say, “this better happen,” or “she/he better do this.”  And if the outcome is not what we wanted, we are disappointed.  And from this disappointment can lead to outcomes that we don’t want in our life.  And we wake up one day and say how did it get so bad?  But the good thing about that day is that you wake up.  Something inside of you, wakes up.  I am firm believer today,that every day, every hour, every minute is an opportunity to change your mind.  To change your life.  What happened yesterday or two hours ago is gone.  All we have is right now.  This moment and if that moment says something inside  of you wants something different, do that.  It is never too late to change your mind.  As long as you have your present, your breath, it’s never too late.  Every single moment that we have breath, we’ll have a chance to change.