Lexie is our six month old kitty that has lit up our life at home.  Her boundless energy, crazy jumps, stuff toy battling, and paper ball chasing has everyone happy that she has come into our home.  When we first got her she was so tiny that she could fit into your two hands perfectly.  And now, she is older, much heavier and full of the same energy she’s always had since arriving here.  I really do believe that animals have a way into our hearts and for Lexie (who was nameless for a few weeks) she found her way into ours.  She is playful and sometimes off the wall (literally) in her jumps.  She truly is teaching us something.  I am firm believer that we can learn from any source that is in front of us if we pay attention, and that’s exactly what Lexie does.  She can bring a smile to anyone’s face the moment they see her.  Lexie also gives our older cat, Misty, a run in the day as well.  I just think of it as “she’s keeping her young.”  Because Misty is six years old in human years.  So with both of them in the house, they brighten up my day everyday some how.  I am blessed.