Camping is a favourite past time of many people, and I’m no different.  I love camping, outdoor fires/cooking, wild life, swimming, and boating.  It’s an amazing treat where you can share laughter and fun with many people such as family.  As a matter of fact, I just came from camp.  However, the camp I came from was a little different.  You may be wondering how?  Well, the camp I attended was for healing purposes.  It’s a camp where you spend one week in the wilderness working on “your-self.”  Now what I mean is literal.  You work on the stresses, fears, memories, insecurities, and whatever else that holds you down.  People attend for many different reasons.  Some want to learn, they want the knowledge.  Our guide and spiritual teacher is Ralph and there is not enough words to describe what kind of man he is.  But, humble is only one.  Ralph has been on a spiritual journey through out his whole life.  He is an Ojibway with strong beliefs about what he has learned about our humanity and our spirit.  He is very wise.  His camp has drawn many people from all walks of life to join together in peace, harmony, love, understanding, friendship, kinship, and understanding the way of the Ojibway customs and traditions.  Each night after dinner we engage in a sweat lodge for healing/cleansing, and sharing circles to get to know one another and bond. Every morning after breakfast, we attend the teaching lodge where we learn about traditions, and how we can learn to change what we are thinking of to a more healthier outlook.  The camp is a very special place.  Amazing things have taken place at this camp and I’m positive that it’ll continue.  It is my special place.  There is no place on earth like it.  The positive energy that flows throughout the camp within people is Godsend.  The camp is open four times a year, each time for one week.  This year, my spouse and I attended as we did a few years ago as well.  And I am happy that we took the time to take part because we both needed the energy of the camp.  It’s like heaven on earth. That’s the closest description that I can give it.  But as humans, we all need that.  A place to get away and gather ourselves.  A place to think about life and the going ons about what is happening in our lives.  Nature seems to have a natural ability to rejuvenate us when we are at our lowest.  But what makes it better is the people who join us.  It’s as if we put everything aside for a short period and just be.  It’s a beautiful thing.  The things we can discover if we just decide to get away from everything for awhile. Truly amazing.

Special Places
Near Fort Frances, ON.