stockvault-forest-sunrise---midnight-blue152525I live a life of gratitude for the things that I’m able to enjoy in my life.  You see when I was growing up I had very little and I know you hear people say stuff like this from time to time but I really did have little.  I grew during a time when our home was not run by electricity, running water, or an automatic heating source.  And you might be saying “wow” right now or you may be relating to it.  But it’s true.  But as a kid I never had to worry about stuff because my parents did what they could to give me food, warmth and shelter.  And of course, love within it all.  I never worried too much.  Yes, there were times it got tough and the cupboards went bare but we managed.  It was something we adapted to.  And we learned to be efficient with it.  Things changed when I got to the age of six when I went to live with my uncle and his family.  It was different.  I didn’t have to use candles to look at magazines or books, we had electricity and lights.  And our food was prepared on a cook stove  instead of a wood stove.  But something that was completely different for me was the option to watch television instead of listen to the radio.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the radio it had many things that made my imagination soar.  But the television was moving pictures and that excited me.  I watched shows like the Wizard of Oz (my favourite) and all the Disney cartoons shows (Mighty Mouse was my favourite.)  But it was also where I’d watch the Academy Awards every year with my uncle.  He loved watching them so I grew up to love them as well.  At the time, we only had the one channel but it did us just fine.  It was here where I was introduced to the church and Jesus.  But it was also where I learned so much at an early age, the difference of what I saw Jesus as and what my world really showed me.  I was bewildered.  I couldn’t grasp it.  I vowed to live like Jesus was and that I would be as he was and not what I saw and experienced around me.  It altered my life as I grew up.  It kept me alive during times where I wanted to world to go away.  In the moments that I suffered through pain and hurt.  The love that I developed with Jesus is what saved me through it all.  And it continues to live and breathe today.  It is what I’ve given to my children as best I can knew how and it is what keeps us close at heart.  Today, I live in a five bedroom home with three levels and all the amenities I could ask for.  I have a car that gets me from A to B.  My children, husband and I are all healthy.  We live a life of tradition and culture and we do just fine.  I’m happy living a life of gratitude from where I’ve been because it’s given me what I have.  I’d never change a single thing about it.  Where I end up tomorrow is a result of what I do today and that’s how I see life.  It’s always been that way and it will always be that way.