So during the summer I do a lot of crafts and some of it is very time consuming.  One of the crafts I decided to create this summer as a first timer is beading.  Now I learned to bead when I was fifteen but I never explore it too much but it just stayed in the back of my mind as “one of those things” that I knew how to do.  I taught my son three or four years ago and now he is quite the beader (better than me) dare I say!  Beading has been in my culture for years and it’s one of those things that you pass on as a skill in family.  I’m glad I taught my son because now he has taught about five of his friends/colleagues how to bead as well.  Nice eh?  I think so.  Beading is an art that takes patience and an ability to remain quite.  You turn on some music that plays non-stop and you’re set.  I sometimes will turn on instrumental music, some time pow wow music, or just regular music of today and it helps me keep a rhythm.  When you start you begin with a drawing of what you are going to bead, then you have your backing (stiff material)your coloured beads and your needles.  I use two needles, one beading needle and one regular needle to tie each set of beads down.  Some people (like my son) use only a beading needle.  Depending on the size of your piece, it will take some time at first when you first learn.  But as you get better, you start beading faster and soon you can finish a product in two days.  I like beading because of the quiet time I’m able to sit and enjoy music and think.  The two medallions I have here were done differently.  The dollar medallion took me three days and the Batman medallion took me two weeks because I took my time.  But anyway that’s my blog for today I hope you’ve enjoyed it.Beaded Medallion necklaces