These days you really have to have a mind of your own to get anywhere in life.  Life can really swallow us up and take us to places we never anticipated or wanted in the first place.  Which is why it’s important to “think” for yourself and stand up for what you think of.  Often times, we allow others to control us because we want to fit in, and maybe because they are more experienced than we are, so we follow them.  I think the important thing is to never feel extra anxious about ‘getting somewhere’ in life.  Keep it at a moderation that you control.  When you maintain control it means that there is no one holding control over you.  In other words, “stupid” doesn’t make it into the equation.  Most often enough stupid is how we feel after we make a mistake about certain decisions we make in life.  And stupid is not even the last of it, there are far worse things that we can feel as well but let’s just generalize. Being self aware is something we all need to maintain on our own time.  It helps us know who we are and when we know who we are, we can speak clearly and modestly.  It’s true we don’t pay enough attention to our own self because we are busy building something for the future.  In order to maintain control, we also have to have standards and standards are a part of what we believe in. They tell us or reminds us of our limits in life and we have to have limits or we go overboard with stuff.  When we go overboard, we can start creating “someone” who we don’t even recognize which is a part of our former self.  Sometimes that person is someone we don’t like or we never intended to surface but it happens.  Of course all of this “person” is reversible.  Which is the good thing!  I mention this because it follows a pattern in how life can become haywire for us if we do not pay attention to what is taking place in our lives.  Basically, if we don’t maintain control of who we are.  Being mindful about life is something we all need to care about.  It’s an every day thing.  Finding out who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe in is all a part of maintaining control.  Always be in charge of your wheel that steers through this thing we call life.