I once heard a story that was a reference to how the mind works.  There once was a man who wore blue glasses, everything he saw was blue.  If he was asked what colour things pointed out were, he’d say they were blue.  But the person asking him saw the actual colour the object was.  So this man walked around seeing life in the colour of his blue glasses.  And it wasn’t until someone came along and asked him the colour of what they were looking at, the man said “blue” and the other person removed his blue glasses and said, “what colour is it now?”  The man said it wasn’t blue but red.  The person then went on to put the glasses back on the man, and he asked him again, “what colour is it now?”  The man said it was red, even though he wore his blue glasses.  And they went on doing this exercise together throughout their walk.  Perception is strong.  And we all have our own perceptions.  This story is about how we all wear our own blue glasses in the world.  We see things in a certain light, a certain colour so to speak.  And it isn’t until someone comes along with new information that we understand logically that we change that perception in life.  Once we realize, like the man with blue glasses, that the situation, or circumstance can be looked at in another way and we understand that way- that we can change it.  Once we change how we perceive it, we can never go back to what we knew before.  Our mind is set in truth.  So like the man who now saw the object was red, said it was red, even though his blue glasses saw something blue he knew that it wasn’t blue.  He knew the truth.  I think this is a great story to reference to people who are looking to change.  And it’s true that once you see things in a different way than how you used to see them, you cannot go back to what you once believed.  When you allow change to come about in your life, you open a door where these things just appear and it helps you in your journey of change.  You’ve thrown away your blue glasses and you’re ready to see the world the way it was meant to be seen.  You’ve made a conscious choice to change.  Change does not come to those who are not looking, it must happen consciously.  Thanks for reading!