sunrise-1373403-1279x850So I thought I’d make a blog regarding my life and stuff that go on or thoughts that run through my mind.  This will be the first blog.  Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of music because frankly it’s like food for my soul.  And there’s a wide range of music that I like- from classical to hard rock.  So every day it’s different.  I stay busy all day long because I’m probably one of the hardest worker I know.  No idle hands here (a joke!)  If you’d had a chance to look at my Art Creations page you’d know that I sew.  I’m not the best but I try.  Most of my sewing projects are made for someone.  Then if I’m not doing that I’m writing because I love writing and creating in that way.  Or other times I’m maintaining my home which is a good size to maintain.  It’s a lot of work.  In between everything, I bead.  Again, not the best but I try.  Of course, there’s always my cats that keep me company and in good spirits; Misty and Lexie.  They are my babies.  My children are grown now so I like the company of my cats.  This summer I hope to create a short film because that’s another thing that I do, is films.  I like to shoot video and edit.  I’m not an actor, although I have tried it.  My oldest son is also into films as well so we collaborate ideas for things and we have fun.  This short film will be our first project together and I’m looking forward to it.  A film idea takes a lot of time and this idea has been stewing since last year so I think we’re ready.  The time I get to spend with my children is all about fun.  We are a close knit family.  I raised my children with culture and tradition so they carry good values and beliefs about themselves and people.  Last week I spent time with my daughter who is a hairstylist and she’s my personal hairstylist so when I need something done, she’s who I turn to.  Neat eh?  I still like to keep money in her pocket.  I love her and she’s my only daughter so even more reason.  Another thing that calls to me at times is photography.  Although at the moment I don’t carry the best camera in the world but I have some knowledge on cameras which helps when shooting.  I hope to one day own a Canon camera, it might be in dreams, but it’s there.  The summer time is also about pow wows for us as a family and we’ve been lucky to travel to them as dancers and drummers over the last ten years we’ve been involved in it.  It’s a real good time, good food, and the ever fresh outdoor air that we get to breath in.  Not like the air we breath in the city.  So that’s a bit about what goes on in my life.  Oh and I can’t forget reading because I love books and knowledge.  Of course, it’s something that doesn’t happen as much as other stuff but it still is something.  But that’s my busy life, always moving, constantly changing because that’s just the way I like it.