Today, news travels fast.  We live in the information age where we have access to so much technology that we can find out anything we need to.  Anything that you want to learn about is available, if you want it.  For instance, Youtube has just about everything you can think in DIY (do-it-yourself) videos.  Wikipedia can pull up information on people, places and things.  On television we have news feeds almost every hour, talk shows at different hours of the day, and what I like to call reality tv is shows like The View or the The Talk on television nowadays.  We’re never short on information.  It’s with us wherever we go. Depending if we scan through our IPad’s, ITouch, or Blackberry’s on the way to work, school or home.  It’s not always good news that can travel fast, it’s the bad as well.  I don’t know which travels faster but I suspect the latter.  We are constantly bombarded with information.  It’s like a merry-go-round that you can’t get off of and that has picked up speed as life has evolved in this century.  It sort of makes your head spin after awhile.  And sometimes we need a break, we need to slow down.  That’s the time to turn off the tv, the radio or other devices we have and just do something to relax.  Because in reality, that news that is there, will still be there when we get back.  It’s not like we have to “know it” as it happens or as it’s being discussed by people.  When you really think of it, it doesn’t even include us in the equation of it all.  So why think of it?  Do that thing to help ease your mind and take you away for an hour or two so that you can get back to reality.  Which is your life.  It includes your friends, your spouse, your children, your family- that’s what matters.  I do agree that the information age does pull like minded people together to band or bond and it’s a good thing.  There are good things we can observe from a nonjudgmental side of it.  But health is key in what we do in life.  In this case it would be the health of mind.  A very important part of who we are.  So if and when you start to feel bombarded, stop and put everything away and take a break from it all.  Because it does get heady.  And “as it happens” can return at another time in our lives. It doesn’t have to be NOW.