Every now and again we must sit down with ourselves to do a moral inventory with ourselves.  With our lives so busy working, caring for others, building a career, being a full time parent, running a business, or completing school – we still need to find time with ourselves. I say that the most important date that we should set in our lives, is a date with ourselves. Do it once a year, twice if you feel you need to.  But do it, nonetheless.  I know some of us wouldn’t even know where to start because we’ve never done anything like it.  Some of us, have done at least once.  The question you need to ask is; is this what I really, really want in my life.  Is the path I am on something that is going to keep me happy one year from now, two years from now?  Look at all the stuff that is happening, big and small.  Don’t forget the small stuff and think it holds no bearing on your life. It does.  But remember one rule, that you can toss anything from your life when you want to.  If you feel that something is not serving you, chuck it and be done with it.  Do not keep unnecessary waste in your life because it does weigh you down.  How you feel should show you if something is not working or doesn’t fit in your life.  Listen to yourself!  People always ask their friends or family questions like, “what do you think?”  No, uh uh.  Ask yourself that question.  Be honest with you.  There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t like something anymore.  Simply get rid of it.  Of course, if this is a relationship that you’re looking at it does create a conflict.  But it’s a conflict that can be looked into.  Usually people do not let go in relationships because of values and beliefs.  Examine those and take a look at them, again.  Maybe you need to re-evaluate them?  Deeply rooted values and beliefs usually come from family.  But I ask this question, is your family planning to marry this man/woman?  If not, then make up your own mind.  Everything that we invite into our lives serves us for a certain purpose.  Everything has a purpose.  And if it serves no purpose in your life, you don’t need it.  I’ve been taught that in our lives there are three things that are unmistakeable.  One is fate.  Two is free will.  And three is purpose.  All three intertwine undoubtedly.  You can not have one with out the other two.  The things that are in your life got there using these three things and they are there because of them.  All of these things are the Creator’s gift to us.  And we can exercise them when we want.  It is okay to change your mind about something you picked up a long your journey in life. Listening to what we are saying on the inside of us is our God given right.  If we question that, we are lost.  In all honesty, it is not our neighbour, friend, boss, or family’s life to live but us.  We have to be happy and that is all that matters.  What we think is very important.  What we feel is even more important.  Do the right thing for you.  Make a date with yourself.Life