The sound of a river in a fresh, clean forest full of trees and birds singing is truly a moment to marvel in.  The sight of tiny flies glinting off the sun kissed waters that flows to the west direction is nature at it’s best.  In the distance is a woodpecker who is working hard.  The washed up deadwood on the light brown sand under my feet are from trees long gone.  The cold rocks underneath the flowing water that no one has touched for years, still remain.  The wind blows a sweet scent of growing flowers nearby.  The sound of the wind through the trees that sway in its breath is heavenly.  This is home.  This is where I grew up.  The blues skies trickles with a cloud here or there.  The sound of jet flying by in its midst as I lay on the moss of the forest.  It’s like a fluffy carpet, springy to touch.  I meditate to the sounds around me.  It’s quiet, yet it’s more alive than you can imagine.  Somewhere in its depth is a bear looking for it’s supper.  While fish swim in it’s depth to cool from the warm surface of the sun on top of the waters.  Soon, it’ll be dinner time.  I smell the outdoor fire from where I lie.  There’s nothing like the smell of camp fire.  Of course, we could do without the mosquito bites but that’s just nature.  I think I am in for a treat tonight.  It’s bannock with moose meat, gravy, potatoes and corn.  It smells delicious.  The squirrel in the tree above me nibbles on nuts he holds in his paws.  He twitches to every little sound his ears can hear.  Twitch, twitch.  His tails makes abrupt movements as well.  He stops nibbling.  He listens.  Then he goes on nibbling.  The chickadee sings among the trees, I can’t see him but he’s there.  A branch bounces up and down letting me know he’s flown away to another tree.  I love his song.  Tonight, I will listen to the loons in the evening dusk as the sun gets ready to descent.  I may possibly even have a chance to admire the clear night sky that will surely be filled with stars tonight.  Mosquito’s permitting.   I think I hear the dinner table being prepared with plates and utensils.  It’s time to go.  It’s been a long beautiful day.  I had a beautiful swim in the cold waters for three minutes today, it was far too cold for me but it was refreshing.  I enjoyed a canoe ride and a fish fry afternoon.  And tomorrow we will find something else to do out in the wild.  It’s good to be home again.  No pressure.  No bustling streets or fire engines roaring by every few hours.  Just nature, pure and fresh.  Untouched.