Amidst in life there is someone waiting for the courage to build, so that they may ask the question they’ve waited to for so long.  In life, there is someone preparing for a role of lifetime, yet who stands at a doorway.  Somewhere in the  world, there is a person who is waiting for the chance to be heard.  We come from different backgrounds, different walks of life.  Some of us are born into wealth, others in poverty, while even some in war.  We cope differently, see life differently, view status differently, we hurt differently, we love differently, and we learn differently.  Courage is not always easy. Oppression in life dampens the spirit and the body reacts to what the mind knows and remembers.  Our excuses have become like a need to eat or drink to survive, soon we believe our own tormented non truths.  It isn’t that we don’t want it.  It is fear based.  Whatever it is.  The scrutiny of life takes over and some falter to its demands.  Life isn’t easy and part of that is due to people/groups/or communities.  Whether you are on the receiving or giving end of whatever fate can be in store for any situation, I ask “why wait?”  If you want to be more courageous around people, if you want to be a nicer person to people, why wait?  If we stop using the excuses we’ve used all these years, we can find that we have the ability to try.  After all, we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  All we have is what we got today, the air in our lungs to meet another day.  We’ve all been burned by something in life and the trust slowly diminished before us through time.  The courage to trust again is something rarely explored.  Our time on earth is not to judge because if we believe in judgement, it is what we will receive at the end of our lives here.  It surely isn’t something I wish on anyone.

Whatever it is we want to conquer in life, today is a start.  It can simple or can be more challenging than we’re used to, but do it anyway.  We don’t always need to collect gold stars for good behaviour, most acts rarely are even seen by the public eye.  Yet, they happen every day, somewhere.  If you realize that the connection you have with the universe, you realize the power you hold inside to change things.  But we start with our own self.  We never try to change things outside of us.  This is where the real power begins; within.  The saying, “be the change you want to see in the world” comes to mind and it’s true.  And if you realize that it’s never too late to start, you might experience just what you’re looking for.  The freedom that life offers is immense but it requires action on the road less travelled, so to speak.  Sometimes we have to sit uncomfortably for awhile to finally ride in first class.  Rome wasn’t built in one day, as they say.  Remember time is here to serve you and you are not here to serve time.  Life isn’t a sentence.  It’s a journey.  Why wait?