No matter where we go or how many miles we put in between us and family, we’ll always need them.  The bonds we share as family are deeply rooted and etched through time.  We are undeniably tied together, like chain links.  The strength we form around one another is unspeakable.  There are no words to explain.  The laughter that is shared is unforgettable, while the presence of family is so memorable.  The love of a brother or a sister is our blessing in our world, and again when children are born, the nephews and nieces fill our lives with pride.  Family are people who never turn their back on you, and who always say yes when others say no.  They accept you for who you are.  We are all riddled with a history but family will always take your side when the chips are down.  We are not perfect.  We don’t all drive fancy cars.  We don’t all have mortgages.  We all have made mistakes.  But real family, see’s all past that and brings you in regardless.  The acceptance of family makes life bearable in this harsh world where people can be cruel and unkind.  When it’s cold outside, we can always be glad for the warmth of family.