The thought of what this world has turned into over the last hundred years, is a frightening thought.  We have come so far with new things in such a short period and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping anytime soon.  As we listen and learn about what is happening on a global level, we see the damage and dangerous levels we are in.  I remember at the beginning of this year feeling that time was moving quickly.  It still feels this way.  Today is so different from it was twenty years ago, even thirty years ago.  We have more natural disasters happening every week some where.  People are hearing strange noises coming from the ground, which is odd.  Some of our planets are in clear view at night, which I never thought I’d see in my life time.  Governments are set for war and threaten one another with scare tactics.  Unlawful acts happen every day to some one in the world.  A group of anonymous hackers are fed up and attacking government/ political/ corporate websites and shutting them down.  And there are people who are rallying for change in the world with their Occupy groups that embanked themselves in parks or near government buildings to protest.  It’s amazing what is happening.  You almost feel a united voice with all the protests going on in the world.  But strangely enough, the people who don’t hear that voice are the moneymakers in the world, the corporate big shots who run every thing.  They want things to move ahead without change.  The toxicity in the world is poisoning our world from the inside out.  Our minds are poisoned with greed and selfishness.  We want things for ourselves because we feel maybe we deserve that.  We are being stripped of feeling adequate and comfortable in our own situation.  We fight over money, love, children, rights, power, along with so many other things.  It is as if this world is not enough for us anymore.  We want more.  And because our mentality is changed, our world is suffering.  We are taking trees faster from the earth than the earth is able to grow them back.  We are draining our lakes faster than its replenished naturally.  Our animals are being slaughtered by the millions every week.  We have populated this world at an alarming rate.  And even that shows no signs of stopping or slowing down either.  The “more” concept has ravished our home and it is dying.  But is there anything we could do about it if we tried?  It’s highly unlikely.  We are in a process and process always moves forward.  It never moves backwards.  The Creator has not designed life that way.  If this was the case, we’d be born elders and then move backwards in age.  Life is about elevation, we move upward to the new all the time, whatever that “new” is.  It is how we are made.  As children we learn our “ABC’s” which we move to learning how to write a story in school, to creating a school play in junior high, to having our first boy/girlfriend in high school, to graduating college and so forth.  We are constantly learning.  And the more we learn, the more we grow intellectually.  This is the same for our bodies, they grow and mature.  It’s elevation.  It’s how the Creator meant it to be.  So the world may be at a peak with all of its’ grumblings from the humans who complain about everything from the cost of laundry soap to the latest government scandal.  We still must move forward.  Whether you believe we can save this world from self-destruction or not, we are headed somewhere.  I imagine that there is a handful of people who don’t mind what is in store for our future, while others may be scared.  There are even people who believe nothing will happen to this world, we’re safe.  But if you look at the rules and regulations that are being placed upon us today and how corporate people get away with so many things.  Where’s the equality in that?  If the little guy (us) has to obey every human rule under the sun while corporate figures go unpunished for unthinkable acts against humanity, how does that spell equal?  It’s poison.  And we live in it, this world we see that there’s nothing wrong with.  If the natural laws play out, we are headed for much worse times ahead even if we all survive without the world destructing.  Man will rule this world and the rules they enforce will make you wish the world did end.  If you understand history and the things that man has done unto his fellow human, you’d shake your head and be in disgust.  The toxic nature of what man has thought is poisoning the people of the earth and the earth itself.  Even the poison that is being created in the world must expand, it’s the natural law of life.  Everything in this world grows.  Life is about energy and we are all sources of energy.  Our energy can be put to good energy or negative energy.  That’s our choice.  Today it seems we have overflowed into the negative energy field and what that means for the human race is still yet to be seen.  Of course, these are just some of my thoughts.  You need not believe any of it, I’m just sharing.