Outside my window is a tree that outlooks the streets that are hustled by cars in a non-stop fashion.  I guess the late, late nights and the early morning hours it finds solace in the cool night air.  The sun rises and shines through my bedroom window every morning letting me know it’s time to rise.  It keeps my bedroom warm in the winter and lively.  I do not know what would be appealing without the sunshine.  I live close to the one of the largest bodies of fresh lake water in North America and this I’m grateful for.  The mist from the lake will sometimes rise in our city to blanket the air and sky.  This year we’ve witness this at least three times.  It is said in my culture that when this happens, the great thunderbird comes down and checks on the people of the land to see how they are doing.  How well they get along, how well they treat one another and if we are living the way we were instructed to live long ago.  The thunderbird then returns to the Creator and tells him of what he witnessed.  As he leaves, he takes the mist with him.  It is the mist of the land that shields and covers him so we cannot see him.  This is what I have been taught.  I honor my history and my ancestors because it helps me understand life.  I love nature and I think I will always have a fascination with the Creator’s infinite power to make such beautiful things.  Spring is when life is reborn and it brings about feelings of rebirth in the mind, such an invigorating time.  Summer is when the sun is in the sky longer, a time to enjoy each hour with the people we love, animals we adore, and do the things we love doing.  Fall is a time when we prepare for the coming winter, it in a sense is a beginning again.  The beginning of the colder weather, the beginning of a new school year.  Our imaginations must soar once again to enliven us with ideas of what’s the latest in fashion, books, education and whatever things we find interesting.  Winter is a time to sit and think of the year gone by.  What we did that made us happy, it’s time for family.  It’s a gathering time to share with others.  It’s a time to think and plan for the new upcoming year.  We work hard during this time of year and although the sun doesn’t always shine, it is up to us to make our own sun in our hearts.  This is what I love about life and learning because we do it constantly.  So as I look out my window each day, I am grateful for the things I know because it is those things that I can teach.