Ultimatums and the Goo!

What is the goo? Well, I'll tell you my version of the goo, but first let's get this blog started. I recently listened to an Allan Watts audio session and was hit with an interesting fact of my own. One definition of ultimatum is as follows, a final demand or statement of terms, the rejection… Continue reading Ultimatums and the Goo!

Going into Eighteen

Another year older...and wiser. What a journey! But we're not done yet. There's still loads of laughter, friendship, food, and road trips to explore. I'll be honest my solo journey this past year has had its challenges and hardships but I wouldn't trade any of it. There's a lot to still learn, more to grow… Continue reading Going into Eighteen

Good intentions

We talk...alot. We are forever talking. And most of what we talk about is filled with intentions. Our aspirations, our dreams, our goals, our to-do lists, our plans for the week, or our thoughts and opinions of family, friends or colleagues. We're always looking to the brighter side. But is there really a bright side?… Continue reading Good intentions

A Summer’s End

So I recently visited the nations capitol for a few days and was pleasantly surprised. It was my first visit. I found it very easy to navigate myself around the city to enjoy some of the sites. I stayed closed to downtown in a small Airbnb, which was nice (thanks, Jacob!) The weather was a… Continue reading A Summer’s End